11:30 AM
to 1:03 PM

Sorry, Thanks
28 Attendees
Location Alamo Ritz 1
About  Upon visiting her ex's to collect her belongings, Kira returns anxiously to dating and immediately collides with the disheveled Max. Disaster looms when Max (already taken) decides to dabble in two new pursuits: an obsessive-tending interest in Kira, and the mystery of whether he may in fact be an ass. Kira, meanwhile, fights to win a job she's far too smart for, then sabotages her only meaningful romantic prospect when a friend lays it on the line. Shot in San Francisco's Mission District, featuring the comic duo of Wiley Wiggins & Andrew Bujalski (who plays the best friend on the frontlines of Max's emotional shortcomings), and introducing newcomers Kenya Miles & Ia Hernandez. "Sorry, Thanks" charts turmoil, deep fallibility and the wreckage of self-delusion. In a laughy kind of way.

2:00 PM
to 3:24 PM

24 Attendees
Location Alamo Ritz 1
About  A bittersweet comedy about love, family and dropping bombs on Germany. Lovelorn son Ross finds himself trapped in a nightmare road-trip with his parents when he agrees to drive his 83 year old father to Germany, so that the old man can apologize to a village he accidentally bombed during the war.

4:30 PM
to 5:58 PM

True Adolescents
26 Attendees
Location Alamo Ritz 1
About  Meet Sam Bryant (Mark Duplass of The Puffy Chair and Humpday). He's an aging Seattle rocker with no job, no record deal, and no place to stay until he finds some room at his aunt's house in the suburbs. He's also the last guy anyone would pick to take two teens camping for some quality dude time. Written and directed by Craig Johnson, marking his feature directorial debut, TRUE ADOLESCENTS is a warm and spirited coming of age story that also stars newcomers Brett Loehr and Carr Thompson, and Academy-Award nominee Melissa Leo (Frozen River).

7:00 PM
to 8:33 PM

25 Attendees
Location Alamo Ritz 1
About  For Justin Frost, a typical day is rolling out of bed at one, practicing improvised karate, and mowing grass for his best friend's landscaping business. But when a traveling carnival lands in his small town, Justin falls for a sexy con-artist and wakes up to the life he has yet to begin living

9:30 PM
to 10:58 PM

Breaking Upwards
22 Attendees
Location Alamo Ritz 1
About  'Breaking Upwards' follows a young New York couple who, after four years together, have grown stifled. Desperate to escape their ennui, but fearful of life apart, they decide to intricately strategize their own break up. The film blurs the line between fiction and non-fiction by casting real life couple (and filmmakers) Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones as themselves. Together they explore alternatives to monogamy, inventing rules and boundaries in an effort to avoid pain. An uncensored look at young love, lust, and the pangs of codependency, 'Breaking Upwards' follows its characters as they navigate each others' emotions across the city they love. It begs the question: is it ever possible to grow apart together?

11:59 PM
to 1:24 AM

10 Attendees
Location Alamo Ritz 1
About  After losing her unborn child, Madeline Matheson insists on carrying the baby to term. Following the delivery, the child miraculously returns to life, but when the baby develops a desperate appetite for human blood, Madeline is faced with a mother's ultimate decision.