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Comic books (DC, Valiant, Stranger, Image, Marvel), theater tech (lights/soundFX), Interfaith dialog, pop-culture, & 80s tunes.

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A.R. Kagan

premiering my second film: happy - in the NSC Films Short Block

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Adam Haugen

Pastor Adam and Amber have been directors of Heartland Master's Commission here in Cold Spring, MN for eight years.  Simply put, their mission is to disciple the next generation of...

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Adrienne Lawrence

Adrienne Lawrence is a journalist turned Operations and CAMP Director for the Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS). Her nonprofit experience includes running conferences and managing


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Alan Ameye

Full time in Youth Ministry for 29 years
A Listener/Developer/Encourager/Connector

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Alessandra Thomas

Joined OneHope family in: 2013
Family matters: Married to Will Thomas (Partner Engagement) for almost two years. 
Address me as: Alessandra
Reading now: The Question Behind the Ques...

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Alex Harbold

I'm Coolio

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Alex Ramirez

Alex is the Director of Instrumental Music at Pacoima Middle School and has been teaching for LAUSD since 2004. Alex is an alumnus of the acclaimed Hamilton Music Academy in Los Angeles...

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Álex Torres

Also Known As:
Synbios or Tael

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Lite om mig:

Jag gillar Manga och Anime men jag älskar verkligen Marvel filmerna (Tecknade och Icke tecknade) och några av de tecknade serierna som Marvel har gjort.


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Alicia Malcolm-Robinson

Alicia is an interior decorator and loves everything about home design. Alicia's blog started out as she and her husband Mr. Fix-It began to renovate their 100 year old home. Alicia...

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Advisor Board Chair Howard County Public School, Maryland

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Amber Poston

HP fan since 2000. 2 years removed from college. First time con-goer.
Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, books in general

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Amira Youssef

Server Administrator Coordinator

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Angela Brown

Angela Brown manages The Linux Foundation’s global conferences, with responsibilities including market research, attendee and sponsorship acquisition, and event marketing and production...

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Angela Han

Novice Mac Sys Admin at UC Irvine, eager to learn more about the platform and how to support it in an enterprise environment!

In my off time, I like to rock climb, play games, and take on various diy projects...

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Angela S.

Is looking forward to:
Comic Con!

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I've been a Santa Clara County 911 dispatcher for over 14 years.

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Anna Sawicka

I am a recent graduate from the University of Alberta. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science (Bio Sci and Chemistry).

I am interested in a variety of topics ranging...

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Anne Osborne

I have been on the Fruit Diet for 29 years, and have raised two happy and healthy children on this diet.
The fruit diet makes great sense to me on many levels - ethically, environme...

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Antoinette Mkwapatira

After attending SCOE for many years, Antoinette took a position as our official Helper-in-Chief. You can see her at SCOE hanging out at the check-in desk, mulling over AV problems...

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Antonella Doucette

Antonella Doucette is an Italian native and resided in Italy for the first 28 years of her life. She graduated from Liceo Classico in Varallo (a small and ancient town at the foot of...

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ArchiveSocial enables public entities to safely and effectively utilize social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. ArchiveSocial is the industry’s...

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Ariel Waldman

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Ashley Harding

furniture restoration, design, interior decorating

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Askhat Urazbaev

Управляющий партнер ScrumTrek, совладелец SkillTrek, GameTrek

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Barbara Soots

In her role as Open Educational Resources (OER) Program Manager at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in Washington, Barbara Soots implements state legislation...

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Beth Whittle

I am a first year Texas History and Teen Leadership teacher. I am looking forward to Problem-Based Learning and growing young leaders!

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28 years old. I love coffee, Beauty and the Beast, and tote bags.

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Beverly Brule

Things you might want to include in your profile: Favorite rockstar / band, Top teaching tip, Instruments you rock on.

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Bianca Brandt

Apparently I like to take upside down photos!

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Big Steve

Good loud live music

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Bob Morreale

Bob Morreale is the Director of Creative Media at Mayo Clinic. Prior to joining Mayo, Bob was an assistant professor in the Department of Medical Illustration at the Cleveland Institute of Art...

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Brent Burbidge

Comics, WWE, Video Games, TV, Movies, nerd culture.

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Brian Johnson

Brian grew up in the medical devices industry -- as a child, he and his older brother used the surgical staplers his father sold for U.S. Surgical Corp. as toy guns. One episode involving...

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Bud Clayman

Bud Clayman is the creator and subject of the documentary, "OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger’s Movie." The film had its theatrical debut in New...

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Caitlin Petrakovitz

Supreme passion for television and film.

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Canvas by Instructure

Canvas makes teaching and learning easier for everyone. Canvas is the 21st Century LMS: Flexible, Customizable, Grows with your district and Molds to your needs.

Come see how Allen ISD and their students are Future Ready by using the Canvas LMS...

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Carey Ivory

Carey is a Teacher and Tech Specialist at North Sanpete Middle School and is serving on the Business & Marketing Advisory Committee. She currently teaches Keyboarding, College and Career...

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Carol Schluter

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