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Steampunk Gadget

Dreamer by Day...Gamer by Night Laid back. Dreamer. Friendly:o)

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Misty Joaquin

I am a Digital Learning Facilitator in Little Elm ISD. Talk to me about Canvas, Differentiated Professional Learning, books (any kind), and coloring books for adults.

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Charlie Albanetti

Charlie Albanetti is Communications Director for Citizen Action of New York. He oversees the development and execution of the organization’s media and digital strategies, and plays...

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Jenny Whittington

Jenny Whittington has worked in the National Office since February 2005, when she was URMIA's first full time employee. She served the association as the assistant executive director...

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Guendolyn Sayson

Guen is a Computer Engineering graduate and is working on the Research and Promotions of Google in Education Summits by AppsEvents. She is also organising some Google training events...

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Cosplayer and villain lover who's real name is even stranger than their username.

Schedules also include back-up events and all are subject to change without notification...

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Angela S.

Is looking forward to:
Comic Con!

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Susan Shane-Linder

Susan Shane-Linder is an award-winning singer, songwriter, published composer, and recording artist. She has presented and performed at early childhood workshops, summer camps and national...

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Teri Vogel

Science & Engineering Librarian, UCSD

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I like to create things that will make people smile, and/or that others will find useful. In terms of interests, I have way too many to mention. When I'm not thinking about fun new...

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Pam Hopkins

I'm the Public Services and Outreach Archivist at Tufts University, where I oversee reading room and reference services, work with faculty to develop curriculum-specific instruction...

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Rick Gaisford

Rick is the Educational Technology Specialist at USBE, and has worked for decades at the state and national level. His reputation is impeccable. He knows and is well respected by key...

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Chantal Stevens

Chantal Stevens joined the Community Indicators Consortium as an early Board Member, 2005-2008, then again in 2012 and has been CIC's Executive Director since 2013.  She's an experienced...

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Patrick E Creel

I have been doing Ghostbuster cosplay since 2007, since then I have founded The
Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters Fan Group, I have been featured on IDW Comic Book
Covers for Ghostbu...

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Roberto Ramirez

We enjoy walking in the rain while exploring new cities, eating a hot bowl of noodles at a train station, sitting on concrete floors, navigating a sea of people inside an exhibition...

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Comic books (DC, Valiant, Image, Marvel), theater tech (lights/soundFX), Interfaith dialog, pop-culture, & 80s tunes.

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I've been a Santa Clara County 911 dispatcher for over 14 years.

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Álex Torres

Also Known As:
Synbios or Tael

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Mike Solin

I'm @flammable on Twitter and the MacAdmins Slack! I also co-organize the Greater Philadelphia Mac Admins meetup, Talk to me about open source!

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lisa hanley

SU, dogs, travel, wine, volleyball and if we must talk about work: munki, deploystudio, profiles, automation!

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Eric Karkau

Eric Karkau is a seasoned and well-rounded Network and Information Management professional with experience in many areas related to business and Information Technology, as well as Information...

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Caitlin Petrakovitz

Supreme passion for television and film.

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Tim Schutt

Almost from birth, Tim had an affinity for keyboards. But in the different America of Tims youth, there was only the kind with 88 black and white keys. So he dutifully practiced his...

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Selena Scott

STEM Director/Teacher for a Catholic school serving students in Preschool - 8th grade.

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Michael Mukalian

Lover of Comic Books, SharePoint, and Harley Davidsons, not necessarily in that order. Keeper of the Fuzzy Shirts!

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Kristen Taylor

Kristen is entering her 17th year of teaching middle school math--16th at Carmel Middle. Kristen has taught 7th-8th grade math and math intervention. She is currently the math department...

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Prairie Yogi

Celebrating the land of big skies + big hearts.

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Naani Sheva

Forrest Yoga teacher based out of Telluride.

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Carey Ivory

Carey is a Teacher and Tech Specialist at North Sanpete Middle School and is serving on the Business & Marketing Advisory Committee. She currently teaches Keyboarding, College and Career...

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John Wunderlich

Data protection geek developing standards, protocols, and software for individual autonomy and digital empowerment.

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Ryan Eash

Ryan designs, implements, and maintains curriculum that helps educators create images and videos. Prior to joining TechSmith in 2007, Ryan received his bachelor’s in elementary education...

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Dennis Dayman

Dennis Dayman has more than 25 years of experience combating spam, security/privacy issues, data governance issues, and improving email delivery through industry policy, ISP relations...

avatar for Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming

Marketing Teacher and DECA Advisor at Lakeview Centennial College and Career Magnet.

Google Certified Educator
Social Media Nerd
Spirit of 76 Clothing Company
Revolution Scre...

avatar for Hayne Shumate

Hayne Shumate

Cell. 817-291-4313

avatar for Zach Laine

Zach Laine

Zach Laine has been using C++ in industry for 15 years, focusing on data visualization, numeric computing, games, generic programming, and good library design. He finds the process...

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Ryan Ammerman

I manage Linux servers and Macs out of the basement of RIT's library.

Outside of work, I often spend my time riding my motorcycle (Honda VFR800) and figuring out automotive repairs...

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optimize prioritize energize.

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Brooklyn-born geek living the good life in San Diego!

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Geoff Domoracki

Geoff is CEO & Founder of DevNetwork -- the producer of API World and many other leading developer-focused conferences & expos -- reaching over 20,000 developers, engineers and executives...

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Rebecca Maas

Rebecca began her journey with technology in Silicon Valley then moved to Truckee and was hired to bring technology to their schools. She is currently the Teacher Technology Specialist...

avatar for Laura Subotky

Laura Subotky

Laura first became involved with Little Kids Rock in 2003. She has served in a variety of roles and in 2014 was named Director of Innovation and Technology. Laura is passionate about...

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Jabe Bloom

I try to collect and tell interesting stories about the future.

Sometimes, when the stories are are compelling enough, people use them to make interesting things.

I am an aw...

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Brian Johnson

Brian grew up in the medical devices industry -- as a child, he and his older brother used the surgical staplers his father sold for U.S. Surgical Corp. as toy guns. One episode involving...

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