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Anne Osborne

I have been on the Fruit Diet for 29 years, and have raised two happy and healthy children on this diet.
The fruit diet makes great sense to me on many levels - ethically, environme...

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Hayne Shumate

Cell. 817-291-4313

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Susan Shane-Linder

Susan Shane-Linder an award-winning singer, songwriter, published composer & recording artist. She has presented & performed around the country & at national conferences like CAJE...

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Guen Sayson

Guen is a Computer Engineering graduate and is working on the Research and Promotions of Google in Education Summits by AppsEvents. She is also organising some Google training events...

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Rick Gaisford

Rick Gaisford has 35 years in education and has been involved with educational technology for over 30 years at the classroom, school, district and state levels. He was an elementary...

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Carey Ivory

Carey is a Teacher and Tech Specialist at North Sanpete Middle School and is serving on the Business & Marketing Advisory Committee. She currently teaches Keyboarding, College and Career...

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Christina Elmer

Christina Elmer works in the Editorial RnD team at DER SPIEGEL, where she had previously established the data journalism department. She also trains journalists in data reporting and...

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Dennis Dayman

Dennis Dayman has more than 25 years of experience combating spam, security/privacy issues, data governance issues, and improving email delivery through industry policy, ISP relations...

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Mike Solin

I'm @flammable on Twitter and the MacAdmins Slack! I also co-organize the Greater Philadelphia Mac Admins meetup, Talk to me about open source!

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Melanie Marshall

I am an educator who loves to explore and discover new ways to engage all learners.

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Zach Laine

Zach Laine has been using C++ in industry for 15 years, focusing on data visualization, numeric computing, games, generic programming, and good library design. He finds the process...

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Patryk Soika

"If at first you don't succeed, that's one data point."

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Karl Hakkarainen

Karl Hakkarainen has taught a number of WISE courses on technology and related subjects. His children and grandchildren still ask him for help with their computers, smartphones, and...

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Mark P. Tjan

Blame Mark

avatar for Gina Powell

Gina Powell

National Board Certified Teacher, Virginia Society for Technology Education Committee Member, SharpSchool Webmaster, Electronic Media Contact Person for school division, maintain Twitter...

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Jared Wright

Jared Wright: A former elementary school teacher in Box Elder School District. Fourth grade was my favorite! I have been with the State (USBE) for 5 years in the Assessment & Accountability...

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Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson believes a rising tide lifts all boats. As a designer, educator, and technology enthusiast with a passion for continuing learning, Kate started her own company to help people...

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Misty Joaquin

I am a Digital Learning Facilitator in Little Elm ISD. Talk to me about Canvas, Differentiated Professional Learning, books (any kind), and coloring books for adults.

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Eric Karkau

Eric Karkau is a seasoned and well-rounded Network and Information Management professional with experience in many areas related to business and Information Technology, as well as Information...

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Teri Vogel

Science & Engineering Librarian, UCSD

avatar for @brainwise


Comic books (DC, Valiant, Image, Marvel), theater tech (lights/soundFX), Interfaith dialog, pop-culture, & 80s tunes.

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Prairie Yogi

Celebrating the land of big skies + big hearts.

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Pam Hopkins

I'm the Public Services and Outreach Archivist at Tufts University, where I oversee reading room and reference services, work with faculty to develop curriculum-specific instruction...

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Natalie Baur

Natalie Baur is Digital Preservation Librarian at El Colegio de Mexico and co-founder of Itinerant Archivists. A Fulbright Scholar in 2015-2016, Baur received the SAA's Emerging Leader...

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Spencer Mosher

Future City & Regional Planning / Urban Studies Major

avatar for Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming

Marketing Teacher and DECA Advisor at Lakeview Centennial College and Career Magnet.

Google Certified Educator
Social Media Nerd
Spirit of 76 Clothing Company
Revolution Screen Printin...

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Steampunk Gadget

Dreamer by Day...Gamer by Night Laid back. Dreamer. Friendly:o)

avatar for Jeanne


Jeanne is a carbon based lifeform with geeky tendencies and aspirations of being a working writer. She is mouthy, opinionated, and is notorious for her inappropriate humor. She says...

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Michael Mukalian

Lover of Comic Books, Microsoft 365, and Harley Davidsons, not necessarily in that order. Keeper of the Fuzzy Shirts!

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Vic Carrasco

Computer Science Engineer.

avatar for Kevin


I like to create things that will make people smile, and/or that others will find useful. In terms of interests, I have way too many to mention. When I'm not thinking about fun new...

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Angela S.

Is looking forward to:
Comic Con!

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Brooklyn-born geek living the good life in San Diego!

avatar for Pat Dengler

Pat Dengler

Apple Consultant, Disney fan, gadget geek, photography hobbyist, all around nice person.

avatar for John Decker

John Decker

CG Supervisor at Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

avatar for Lance Gilliland

Lance Gilliland

Marvel, Movies, Technology, Gadgets, Comics, Toys

avatar for Jodi Salzman

Jodi Salzman

Jodi Salzman is a 2nd Grade Religious School Teacher who has been teaching in various capacities for the past eight years. Jewish Education is Jodi’s passion.

avatar for Roberto Ramirez

Roberto Ramirez

We enjoy walking in the rain while exploring new cities, eating a hot bowl of noodles at a train station, sitting on concrete floors, navigating a sea of people inside an exhibition...

avatar for lisa hanley

lisa hanley

SU, dogs, travel, wine, volleyball and if we must talk about work: munki, deploystudio, profiles, automation!

avatar for Tim Schutt

Tim Schutt

Almost from birth, Tim had an affinity for keyboards. But in the different America of Tims youth, there was only the kind with 88 black and white keys. So he dutifully practiced his...

avatar for Fletch Brendan Good

Fletch Brendan Good

Volunteering with the New Media (Podcasting) Crew, plus one shift with the Directional Signs gang. Looking forward to Michael Penn.

avatar for Dan Chancellor

Dan Chancellor

The United States Personal Chef Association represents the interests and welfare of its personal chef members by proactively communicating and supporting the value of the personal chef...

avatar for Angelo


I've been a Santa Clara County 911 dispatcher for over 14 years.

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Chantal Stevens

Chantal Stevens joined the Community Indicators Consortium as an early Board Member, 2005-2008, then again in 2012 and has been CIC's Executive Director since 2013.  She's an experienced...

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Paul Mugan

I'm a '91 Wartburg College graduate and have been teaching high school science ever since! I completed a Masters in '08 through University of Wisconsin Stout's online program and it...

avatar for Felix Jacomino

Felix Jacomino

Felix is the Director of Technology at St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School in Coconut Grove, Florida and he is the host of Miami Device. He has gained much attention due to hard work...

avatar for Theresa Buxton

Theresa Buxton

Terry Buxton RN, PhD, CNE is an Associate Professor at Regis University. She has a background in policy development, leadership, and faculty development. Currently her interests center...

avatar for Charlie Albanetti

Charlie Albanetti

Charlie Albanetti is Communications Director for Citizen Action of New York. He oversees the development and execution of the organization’s media and digital strategies, and plays...

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