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It Came From Kuchar

Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Alamo Ritz 1
About: IT CAME FROM KUCHAR is a hilarious and touching documentary about the legendary, underground filmmaking twins, the Kuchar brothers. As kids in the 1950s, George and Mike Kuchar began making no-budget epics in their Bronx neighborhood starring friends and family with their 8mm camera.
In the 1960s the Kuchars became part of Warhol's New York, underground film scene.
The Kuchar brother's films have inspired many prominent filmmakers, including John Waters, Buck Henry, Atom Egoyan, Guy Maddin and Wayne Wang (all interviewed in this film).
IT CAME FROM KUCHAR interweaves the brother's lives, their admirers, a history of underground film and a 'greatest hits' of Kuchar clips into a hilarious and touching stream of consciousness tale.




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