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Terp 2 It, 'F@ck This City'

: Alamo Lamar 3
About: Nerdcore rapper Terp 2 It hates the city of Orlando, Florida so much, he wrote the song 'Fuck This City' and then made a music video so everyone could feel and understand his hatred. Produced by internet comedy video group Studio 8, 'Fuck This City' turns the usual flashy hip hop music video conventions on their heads and smooshes you deep inside Terp's angry head. Yet lurking beneath the hearty mixture of no-holds-barred trash talk and abrasive imagery hides the goofy soul and wit of Terp 2 It. By the end of the video, you might find yourself wondering whether you should be more afraid for Orlando or for Terp, should the two ever cross each other's paths. 'Fuck This City' can be found on Terp 2 It's debut album The Freshest Dude from Studio 8 Records.