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Sorry, Thanks

Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Alamo Ritz 1
About: Upon visiting her ex's to collect her belongings, Kira returns anxiously to dating and immediately collides with the disheveled Max. Disaster looms when Max (already taken) decides to dabble in two new pursuits: an obsessive-tending interest in Kira, and the mystery of whether he may in fact be an ass. Kira, meanwhile, fights to win a job she's far too smart for, then sabotages her only meaningful romantic prospect when a friend lays it on the line. Shot in San Francisco's Mission District, featuring the comic duo of Wiley Wiggins & Andrew Bujalski (who plays the best friend on the frontlines of Max's emotional shortcomings), and introducing newcomers Kenya Miles & Ia Hernandez. "Sorry, Thanks" charts turmoil, deep fallibility and the wreckage of self-delusion. In a laughy kind of way.




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