to March 15, 2009 12:19AM

Midnight Shorts

Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Alamo Ritz 2
About: Treevenge
dir: Jason Eisener
Where do Christmas trees come from? Oh, you'll see.

Warm and Fuzzy Feeling
dir: Matt Dilmore
A warm and fuzzy holiday treat for Grandma.

Butthole Lickin'
dir: Kanako Kyle Wynkoop
Sometimes lesbian love isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Big Pussy
dir: Todd Strauss-Schulson
A nice-guy struggles to find the confidence to tell the girl he loves that her vagina has... an odor.

Receive Bacon
dir: James M. Johnston
A raunchy bathroom tryst is interrupted by an unfortunate case of the giggles.

Fish Out of Water - The Nightmare
dir: Ben Barnes
In a follow up to last year's Midnight Short, Tumble and Chestnut attempt to enter Fish's nightmare to ward off the embodiment of all things evil.

dir: Joe Avella
An educational video about an illness known as Scatterbrained. And Mountain Dew.

Food for Thought
dir: Will Hartman
Two impulsive teens get a lesson in abstinence after they're caught "in the act" by their teacher.

I Live in the Woods
dir: Max Winston
A woodsman's frantic journey, driven by happiness, slaughter, and a confrontation with America's God.

The Famishing
dir: Toby Gorman and Jay Rathore
On a remote mountain top, two hungry survivors get more than they bargain for in their quest for nourishment.

dir: Kirk Johnson
Two smooth talking toddlers discuss politics, the state of the economy, and poo.

Safety First
dir: Ross Wilsey
When trying to get back stolen loot, four backstabbing criminals learn the true meaning of safety.

dir: Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion
Some boob jobs are bad. Some are evil.




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