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Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Alamo Lamar 3
About: As this verite documentary film unfolds, viewers are drawn into an intimate family struggle. Tom Luckey is coping with recent and dramatic changes in his life. A sculptor, Tom was designing a three-story-tall climbable sculpture, the masterpiece of his career building interactive art, when he fell through a window and became paralyzed below his shoulders. Determined to finish his sculpture, Tom turned to his oldest son Spencer, an architect, for help. Spencer sees an opportunity to work with his father and to reclaim his boyhood relationship, which was interrupted by divorce and remarriage. As they try to forge a working relationship from a complex father-son relationship, Tom and Spencer find themselves reeling emotionally during the first year of Tom's paralysis, making working together explosive. Family dynamics are complicated by the fact that Tom's wife, Ettie, and Spencer don't get along. Stepmother and stepson, they become Tom's primary caretakers and companions, but can barely bring themselves to interact with one another. As Tom regains strength and ambition, but not mobility, enabling his artistic work while maintaining independence and sanity becomes a tricky balance for Tom, Spencer, and Ettie. LUCKEY is a portrait of a family in crisis and one man's efforts to create a new life in the wake of a devastating accident.




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