to 10:45PM

Intangible Asset Number 82

Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Alamo Lamar 3
About: When Australian drummer Simon Barker hears a rare recording of Korean shaman Kim Seok-Chul - a grand master in his seventies playing with immense energy and complex technique Ð he knows immediately he must find and learn from the enigmatic shaman officially recognized as South Korea's 82nd Intangible Asset.Undeterred by years of setbacks and obstacles, and with the elusive Kim Seok-Chul now in his eighties, Simon returns to Korea for a seventeenth time. The journey becomes a rite of passage, as meaningful encounters with engaging and exotic characters prepare Simon for a fortuitous meeting with the shaman.Personal transformations result, and Simon and the artists who have become immersed in his search move naturally to collaboration, a testimony to the universal language of music.




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