to 8:23PM


Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Alamo Lamar 3
About: A juncture in the lives of performance art revolutionaries, 'Sissyboy' explores the Portland-based gender-bending drag troupe that has served up their audacity, ambivalence and social commentary throughout the Rose City for over 3 years before hundreds of devoted fans.
Go behind the scenes for a glimpse of Sissyboy's last year of existence through the eyes of 1st-time filmmaker Katie Turinski. The rehearsals, relationships, joys and heartaches experienced by this patchwork family of outcasts should be remembered not just as a performance art movement, but also an insight into the human condition.
Please enjoy the hubris & humanity offered by this troupe of societal outsiders as you discover what it means to be a Sissy.




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