to 2:00PM

SXSW Library Worker Hoedown 2009

Type PartyUnofficial Party
Venue: Iron Cactus (606 Trinity St)
About: Whether you are new to SXSW or an old hat, if you work in the library or info science field as a librarian or not, come to lunch! Eat/drink with your fellow information professionals. Use the words gatekeepers and cherrypicking. Snicker about your out of touch colleagues. Ask for advice/help from others who've been there. Bitch about Michael Gorman. Mention how Otlet could have schooled all of these SxSWers decades ago. Reminisce about the days of authority control as king.

Host Organization(s): SxSW Library Workers
URL http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=54656044572




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