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Music Videos

Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Alamo Lamar 3
About: Yeasayer 'Wait for the Summer'Director: Mixtape Club

Kaki King 'Pull Me Out Alive'Director: Doug Karr

Temposhark 'Blame'Director: Motomichi Nakamura

Terp 2 It 'F@ck This City'Director: Drew Baldwin

The Hidden Cameras 'In the Na'Director: Joel Gibb

The New Pornographers 'Myriad Harbor'Director: Marc Lemond

Megachurch 'Hyper Gospel'Director: Lara Gallagher

Talkdemonic 'Duality of Deathening'Director: Orie Weeks III

Prefuse 73 'Aborted Hugs'Director: Jurassic Technology

Roots Manuva 'C.R.U.F.F'Director: Jessica Lux

Javelin 'Soda Popinski'Director: Ian McAlpin

Thunderheist 'Jerk It'Director: That Go

Charlie Hewson 'Where Are You Going, Elena'Director: Josephine Decker

The Sword 'Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians'Director: Mike Colao

Christopher Gordon 'America, Let's Go'Director: Karen Odyniec

Don McCloskey 'Mr. Novocaine'Director: Peter Rhoads

The Dirty Hearts 'Record Store'Director: Jose Jones

Tycho 'Meridian'Director: Brian Levi Bowman

The Saturday Nights 'Count it Off'Director: Travis Senger

Fleet Foxes 'White Winter Hymnal'Director: Sean Pecknold

Octopus Project 'An Evening With Rthrtha'Director: Phillip Niemeyer

Krista Muir 'Leave a Light'Director: Kara Blake

Gnarls Barkley 'Going On'Director: Wendy Morgan

Oren Lavie 'Her Morning Elegance'Director: Oren Lavie




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