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So You Want to be a Game Programmer...

Type Panelinteractive panel
Venue: Austin Convention Ctr (Room 16AB)
About: You've got your computer science degree, and you've been out in the working world, but somewhere, deep down inside, you've really always wanted to make computer games. This talk is intended to inform you on what you need to learn, how to go about learning it, what the dangers are, and how to land that first job in the industry.

Speaker Info: Scott Jennings (Designer, ), Robert Madsen (Lead Programmer, MumboJumbo), Tess Snider (Sr Programmer, Trion World Network), Tim Langdell (CEO/Game Professor, EDGE Games)
URL http://sxsw.com/interactive/talks/schedule/?action=show&id=IAP0900115
Tags interactive panel




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