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Reel Shorts 3

Venue: Alamo Lamar 1
About: 'Thompson', directed by Jason Tippet. Since second grade Matt and Ryan have shared the bond of speech impediments, weapons, and things that go fast. But as their last days of high school speed by, the two friends find that their go-carts, dirt bikes, and RC cars can't outrun adulthood.

'The Better Half', directed by Rebecca Rodriguez. A disconnected man keeps a mysterious pair of mannequin legs in his room in NYC. Encounters with three women gradually reveal the origin and importance of the legs and ultimately raise the question, can you ever get all of someone?

'Unlimited', directed by Andrew Luis. A travelogue that follows Ben, a young Chinese immigrant, as he cobbles together an existence selling the cast-offs of others.

'Thick as Thieves', directed by Chris Demarais. When a successful businessman encounters an eccentric mugger in an alley, he decides that maybe banking isn't really his forte.

'Non-Love Song', directed by Erik Gernand. On the last day of summer before heading off to college, two 18-year old best friends attempt to connect as adults and for the first time in their lives share a real moment.

'Wing It', directed by Julio Quintana. When a drug deal goes wrong and a violent confrontation seems inevitable, two guardian angels must decide whether to take action to protect their guys, or risk losing their wings.

'The Golden Pose', directed by Lance Alton Troxel. A street performer grapples with artistic perfection...and mimes.

'A. Effect' directed by Mike Ott. Two aspiring actors do their best to woo the same girl with their knowledge of Brecht and Scorsese.




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