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Reel Shorts 2

Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Alamo Lamar 1
About: 'John Wayne Hated Horses', directed by Andrew Betzer. A father and his young son share a house, a yard, and very different ideas about masculinity and appropriate uses of army toys.

'Autopilot', directed by J.B. Herndon. Adolescent boys ghostride bicycles. Inertia pulls a father and son toward an eerie kinship. And time is a circle.

'Before the Sea', directed by Charlene Music. A little boy and his fisherman father confront life and death at the edge of the ocean, where their idle drag boat, the Anne Marie, blankets them in a dream.

'A'Mare', directed by Martina Amati. Andrea and Felice are two kids whose lives centre around the sea. One day during a fishing excursion their usual routine is disturbed when something unexpected appears from the water.

'Peter and Ben', directed by Pinny Grylls. A man moves away from civilization and strikes up a relationship with the sheep.

'Tess and Nana', directed by M. Stewart Thorndike. Thirteen-year-old Tess wants to get out of sick grandmother's dark house.

'Round Trip', directed by David Martin-Porras. The customs of an American airport places a mother and her son in a revealing situation when his luggage is inspected. Forced to deal with their past, they come to a point where lying to each other is no longer an option.

'Sister Wife', directed by Jill Orschel. In a time when the practices of Mormon fundamentalism offer sensational fodder for the evening news, but little honesty, Sister Wife offers a rare and unflinching glimpse into a cloistered lifestyle.

'Happy 95th Birthday Grandpa', directed by Gary Huggins. A fleeting memory in five minutes.

VisitDirector: Gray MillerNYC Chinatown-- A young pregnant couple struggle with parental anxieties and an unexpected visitor.




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