to 12:30PM

Microformats: A Quiet Revolution

Type Panelinteractive panel
Venue: Austin Convention Ctr (Room 16AB)
About: Microformats are quietly changing the landscape of the web, achieving some of the original ideals of the 'semantic web.' In the past year, we've seen increased adoption from web designers and popular web sites, improved browser support for microformats in both Firefox and IE, and search engines beginning to support microformats. Come hear from the leaders who are driving these changes in the industry, and find out what the future holds for microformats. This panel is sponsored by Microsoft.

Speaker Info: Tantek Çelik (tantek.com), Leah Culver (Software Engineer, Six Apart Ltd), Karsten Januszewski (Developer, Microsoft), Glenn Jones (Creative Dir, Madgex), Jeremy Keith (Technical Dir, Clearleft Ltd)
URL http://sxsw.com/interactive/talks/panels/?action=show&id=IAP0900913
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