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American Prince

Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Alamo Lamar 2
About: In 1978, Director, Martin Scorsese turned his cameras on his friend, Steven Prince. Best known for his role as the gun salesman in Taxi Driver, Steven was a true-life raconteur, an actor, an ex-drug addict, and road manager for Neil Diamond, Steven's life was to Scorsese more fascinating than what any screenwriter could dream up. The documentary that emerged, "American Boy"was to become one of Scorsese most compelling, but often overlooked projects.
Now three decades later and in a new setting, Steven Prince recounts his days since American Boy and tells why he turned his back on the entertainment industry. Still, as he composes his latest chapter, his ability to grip an audience remains. From placating construction boss to rock-star-girlfriend pacifier; concrete bunker builder to Cannes festival guest, Steven, the American Boy, extends the epic, as the American Prince.
American Boy will be screened immediately following American Prince.




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