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Thunderheist, 'Jerk It'

: Alamo Lamar 3
About: Jerk it is our first music video, made for the band Thunderheist. It features skin giggling in slow motion, strobing animal prints, and a girl with a large rooster. After winning the band's contest, it premiered on pitchfork.tv. It has since received more attention than we ever imagined and for that we are humbled and truly grateful. We would like to thank Anna, Mike, Tristan, Caleb, Diana, Carey, Jennifer, Yoshiko, Eric, and Bronwyn for volunteering their time. Without them this video would not have been possible. We are also grateful to Grahm and Isis of Thunderheist and their manager Tash, and to all the bloggers and festival programmers who posted the video and took an interest in our work. Thanks!