to 4:30PM

Designing for Irrational Behavior

Type Panelinteractive panel
Venue: Hilton (Room B)
About: The core of sustainability efforts is behavior change, understanding patterns of behavior and developing models for motivating sustainable behavior change. This approach assumes a rational response from the consumer. However, most decisions are irrational. This panel will examine how to motivate people to make sustainable changes by appealing to their emotions instead. This panel is sponsored by frog design.

Speaker Info: Peter Whybrow (Dir, UCLA Semel Institute), Robert Fabricant (Executive Creative Director, Frog Design Inc), Jeffrey Bardzell (Asst Professor, Indiana University), Jen van der Meer (Drillteam)
URL http://sxsw.com/interactive/talks/panels/?action=show&id=IAP0901146
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