to 1:45PM

Slaughtering Sacred Cows

: Austin Convention Ctr (Room 16AB)
About: One of those beautiful, unplanned exchanges happened when a fan asked Dave Marsh, "Are you the one that hates the Doors?" Marsh replied, yeah. "It was a bad poet with a guy that ought to be in a cocktail lounge playing keyboards. Pretty good guitar player, though" The 'critic' part of rock criticism will be discussed in detail. Names will be named, and exalted reputations will be savaged. In an era where many blogs and magazines are loathe to print anything negative, perspective and balance is lost. Regain your footing at our acid-tongued rumble.

: (Editor/Publisher, Rock&Rap Confidential), (Cheif Pop Critic, Los Angeles Times), Jaan Uhelszki (Editor at Large, Relix Magazine), ("16" Magazine)
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