to 12:30PM

Violating the Warranty on Your Touch Computing Device

Venue: Austin Convention Ctr (Room 16AB)
About: Simple touch computing is taking the world by storm in desktop, mobile, and environmental computing. The best and brightest are taking their gloves off, drawing inspiration from Star Wars to James Bond, and going beyond the conventional bounds of touch computing. See what design and technology leaders are doing next with technology like Microsoft Surface and other touch computer platforms. This panel is sponsored by Microsoft.

Speaker Info: Chris Bernard (User Experience Evangelist, Silverlight/Microsoft), Joe Engalan (Dir of Dev, Vectorform), Erik Klimczak (Creative Dir, Clarity Consulting), Joe Olsen (CEO, Phenomblue), Dan Thompson (Developer, Silverlight (PP)/Manifest)
URL http://sxsw.com/interactive/talks/panels/?action=show&id=IAP0901371
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