to 8:11PM

The 2 Bobs

Type Filmfilm_screening
Venue: Austin Convention Ctr (Room 16AB)
About: Just as they finish their groundbreaking violent video-game masterpiece, the two gaming legends known as THE TWO BOBS discover that their precious game-software has been stolen... and with it, their livelihoods, genius reputations, everything they own. To get back their game--and their lives--The Two Bobs and their fellow-geek employees MUNCH, DOOFUS, and THE DARK PRINCE are forced to "turn detective" and plunge into the strange world of Christian Venture Capitalists, aged Dixie Mafia hoodlums, and bizarre Internet Spammers that inhabit Austin Texas. Just as all seems lost, The Two Bobs meet THE TWO JANES, ("Sisters Against Spam"), and in a surprising development, the Bobs/Janes tension-filled first date finally unravels the mystery of the stolen game and reveals the villain behind it, The SPAM KING, and his dastardly plan to use their groundbreaking software to build a nefarious Internet/Cable porn empire... The Bobs and their allies must stop The Spam King and get back their game at all costs.




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