4:30 PM
to 5:30 PM

The Mustache March
21 Attendees
Location the street
About  On March 19th at 4:30pm people will take over the streets of South By Southwest with a friendly rally and convergence to raise awareness for the causes and issues we all care about. From clean water to child slavery, education needs to animal rights, and healthcare to global warming, together our voices will be heard. Don't have a mustache? We've got your upper lip covered. Hundreds of fake mustaches and bandanastaches will be passed out throughout the week and at the beginning of the march. The peaceful footsteps of the Mustache-adorned crowd will rally on 6th and Brazos and march towards the RVIP Lounge - where a surprise concert and special guest speakers will address the crowd. Picket Signs, Bullhorns and Banners will be provided. You don't want to miss this - 'stache or no 'stache!


2:00 PM
to 10:00 PM